Dr. Dunlop
"I have worked with Don on two CME development projects and found him to be very clear-minded and organized. He really helped keep the projects on track, and quickly grasped what was significant and what was not in the material. I am impressed that Don is very good at this work, and recommend him highly to professionals working to develop medical education materials."

Boadie Dunlop MD, MS, assistant professor of psychiatry, Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia

Dr. Epstein
"Donald Harting is a very bright, knowledgeable, articulate, and hard-working medical writer and CME professional. He is energetic and focused but also very congenial and pleasant. I have very much enjoyed my association with him and look forward to future joint endeavors."
James Epstein MD, board-certified medical oncologist and former senior medical advisor at Imedex LLC, in Atlanta, Georgia

Mary Ann Mitchell
"I have worked with Don Harting in his role as editor of The BELS Letter, the membership newsletter for the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS). Don has proved himself to be conscientious, innovative, and professional in working to get this semi-annual publication up and running. His writing is excellent, and his organizational skills are evident. As the current President of BELS, I believe that the organization has benefited from Don’s attention to detail, his talent for writing, and his commitment to deadlines."

Mary Anne Mitchell, ELS, clinical practice manager at the American College of Emergency Physicians in Dallas, Texas