How Can We Help YOU?

Harting Sign Company circa 1890

Hartings have been providing people like you with helpful information since the Harting Sign Company was founded in 1876. We've come a long way! First we used brushes to paint signs. Now we use software and search engines to write fully referenced needs assessments that help our clients show corporate grant reviewers precisely why physicians need continuing education on a particular topic. Then, after a project is funded, we help our clients develop the instructional content proposed in the grant application. As of 2017, Harting's needs assessments have been instrumental in winning more than $4 million in commercial support for accredited continuing medical education. 

Over the years our needs assessments have addressed a variety of interesting subjects. Now, however, the subject that interests us most is . . .

How can we help YOU? 

After you've explored a few links on this website, give us a call or send us an email so we can provide you with helpful information aimed at improving patient care.